Stanford visiting artist Robert Henke to perform a ‘musical machine’

Musician Robert Henke, Stanford's 2013 Mohr Visiting Artist, will perform a computer-driven musical performance Thursday and Friday at Bing Concert Hall Studio. The piece, called Stanford Dust, comprises sounds Henke recorded at and around Stanford.

Digital musician Robert Henke is building a musical performance without performers. Seated in a thick darkness, the audience will be surrounded by morphing and transforming sounds unlike anything typically heard in a concert hall. This Thursday and Friday Henke will present Stanford Dust at Bing Concert Hall Studio as the culmination of his time as Stanford’s 2013 Mohr Visiting Artist. Henke relates the show’s…

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Robert Henke, 2013 Mohr Visiting Artist

At Stanford: Spring Quarter 2013 Hosted at Stanford by: Department of Music The Stanford University Department of Music is pleased to host Berlin based artist Robert Henke during the spring 2013 term as the second Mohr Visiting Artist. Henke’s residency is part of the Mohr Visiting Artist Program, administered by the Stanford Arts Institute, which brings acclaimed and…

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