Alternative digs for the 6th Annual Frost Music & Arts Festival

Frost Amphitheater is closed for an upcoming renovation, but the show must go on – elsewhere. This year the annual Frost Music & Arts Festival will take place in the Stanford stadium on May 20 with Grammy award winning electronic dance music master Zedd headlining and special guests BROOD, the synth pop brother-sister duo.

The Stanford Concert Network acknowledges that relocating their largest event of the year has presented challenges, but they also see opportunities.

Starting later in the day and ending after dark for the first time in its six year history is allowing SCN team to experiment with a complex production and the ability to collaborate with Stanford Athletics in transforming the football stadium in a unique setting.

The big challenge for the team is protecting the stadium turf under the stage, and replacing any damaged turf immediately following the concert. There are a number of events planned in the stadium in the weeks following the concert, including commencement on June 18 and the Earthquakes soccer game on July 1, as well as preparing for the upcoming football season.

Pre-sale tickets sold out in 11 minutes this year, a record, and field tickets have also sold out, but as of May 16, bleacher seats are still available.