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Student Arts Grants – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can grant funds be used for a project during my Leave of Absence?

Leave of Absence: Students on a Leave of Absence are not eligible to receive grant funds or start/continue/complete projects benefiting from grant funds.


I am an individual student who needs more than $300 for my project. Are there any other campus funding sources available?

Yes! There are many other campus funding opportunities that can support individual projects that go beyond the scope of the Maker Microgrant. You can learn more about these grants on our website.


How many times can I apply, and can be awarded a grant?

Applicants can apply for multiple cycles, however:

  • Individuals can only receive one Microgrant per academic year.
  • VSOs can receive up to $5,000 per academic year.


Who reviews the grant applications? Who makes the funding decisions?

All grant applications are reviewed by a committee comprising of staff from the Office of the Vice President for the Arts. The committee evaluates each application based on the clarity of the project proposal, contribution to the campus community, use of campus resources, budget planning, and ability for the project to succeed. After the committee completes their evaluations, the scores and comments are totaled. The final funding decision is approved by the Director of Program Operations and Project Management.


How many grants are awarded each cycle?

It depends. Grant funds are budgeted evenly throughout each year throughout the application cycles so that each cycle has access to the same amount of total funding. The number of awards given out each cycle varies based on the number of applications received as well as the strength of the projects.


Does receiving a Student Arts Grant give me/my team access to on-campus venues and facilities during the academic year?

For in-person events, you are required to contact and confirm availability of on-campus venues and facilities with the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) and the University prior to submitting your arts grant application. Virtual events remain to be an accessible option.


How are Student Arts Grants paid?

All grant funds will be transferred to either an ASSU account (for registered VSOs) or through reimbursements and/or direct purchases (for individual students). The transfers will typically happen within 2 weeks of completing your grant agreement.



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