Stanford Internship Program in Arts Administration

Explore career pathways in arts administration

The Stanford Internship Program in Arts Administration (SIPA) facilitates opportunities for Stanford students to explore the field of arts administration. Students are able to apply to SIPA for stipends to cover full-time, quarter long internships in the arts.

Arts administration captures a variety of administrative and support roles that facilitate artistic and cultural expression. Typically arts administrators work in organizations of all sizes but they can also be found as freelancers, in collectives, consultancies, government, and more. Arts administrators come from a variety of backgrounds including (but not limited to) practicing artists, business, arts scholars, public policy, education, community organizing, and technology.

Arts administration can also referred to as arts management, arts leadership, cultural management, cultural policy, entertainment, and the creative industries.

What past SIPA students have said about their internships:

self-empowerment | constructive feedback | synthesizing skills | creative | intellectually stimulating | cross-cultural | supportive | rhizomatic | inspiring | fulfilling | educational | unpredictable | informative | generative | fun | engaging | fulfilling | learning opportunities | welcoming | meeting artists

Sabrina Wilensky 2018


Sabrina Wilensky (she/her)
Manager of Grants and Programs
Office of the Vice President for the Arts

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