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  • Frank Chen

    Asian American Theater Project, "Yellow Face"
  • Frank Chen

    Stanford Shakespeare, "Wars of the Roses"
  • Mason Patrick Smith

    Stanford Vietnamese Student Association, "Culture Night 2016"
  • Lauren Dyer

    Bent Spoon Dance Company, "TimeLapse: A Campus History"
  • Frank Chen

    Ram's Head Theatrical Society, "The Theory of Relativity"
  • Robert Shi

    Tap TH@T Fall Showcase
  • Frank Chen

    Talisman's "Spring Concert" featuring Stanford Taiko
  • Frank Chen

    At the Fountain Theatricals, "Songs for a New World"
  • Harrison Truong

    Stanford Classics in Theater, "The Republican Party in Pieces"
  • Frank Chen

    Pilipino American Student Union, "Culture Night 2016"
  • Harrison Truong

    "Out of Our Heads: The Music of Kooman & Dimond" produced by Nathan Large ('17)
  • Frank Chen

    Student designers present original works at the MINT Magazine Spring Fashion Show produced by Marie Lu ('16)
  • Frank Chen

    Asian American Theater Project, "Into the Woods"
  • Karen Wang

    Karen Wang's ('16) original photography exhibit, "Hometowns"
  • Liang Zhang

    Fleet Street Singers spring concert, "Fear"
  • Lauren Dyer

    Elliott Bomboy ('17) performs an original work, "The Reasons Our Bodies Fail"
  • Stanford Savoyards present a site-specific production of "Don Giovanni"
  • Frank Chen

    Tech and design team for Stanford Shakespeare's "Wars of the Roses"
  • George Qiao

    Soo Ji Lee's ('16) original photography exhibition, "Flex"
  • Cardinal Studios "Demons", written and directed by Toamatapu Lohe ('16)
  • Frank Chen

    Audrey Moyce (PhD student, TAPS) and Dante Belletti ('15) in "Dante and Audrey and Franny and Zooey"
  • Frank Chen

    Cardinal Calypso "10th Anniversary Concert" in Bing Studio
  • Frank Chen

    At the Fountain Theatricals, "Criminal Cabaret"
  • Harrison Truong

    Brienne Huntsman ('16) presents original clothing design concepts
  • Camp Youth record release
  • Harrison Truong

    Alliance Streetdance, "Hipnotized 2016"
  • Frank Chen

    Student orchestra for Asian American Theater Project's production of "Into the Woods"
  • Frank Chen

    "Brotherhood" by Louis McWilliams ('16)
  • Vivian Xiao, A Graphic Novel Adaptation of King Lear
  • Emily Ling

    Testimony 25th Anniversary Concert

Student Arts Grants: A Year in Photos 2015-16

From calypso to classical opera, from adaptations of classic texts to original, student-written theater, this year’s Student Arts Grants supported creative diversity across Stanford campus. This year’s grantees included the recipients of the inaugural Creative Spaces grants which provide support specifically for the costs associated with performing in some of Stanford’s most popular venues (such as the Bing Studio and Dinkelspiel Auditorium). These student groups, individuals, undergraduates, and graduates enliven the campus with their artistic endeavors.

2015-2016 Projects:


At the Fountain Theatricals, Criminal Cabaret

Camp Youth, Record Release Concert

Bent Spoon Dance Company, TimeLapse: a campus history through movement

The Black Feminist Collective, Stanford Black Femme (working title)

Stanford Shakespeare Company, Antony and Cleopatra

Elliott Bomboy, The Reasons Our Bodies Fail

Mint Magazine and Marie Lu, Exploration of Imagery in Clothing and Celebrating Nature Fashion Show*

ANN (working title)


Alliance Streetdance, Hipnotized 2016*

Stanford Collaborative Orchestra, Spring Concert*

Asian American Theater Project (AATP), Yellow Face

Out of Our Heads: The Music of Kooman & Dimond

Stanford Shakespeare Company, The Wars of the Roses

Meredith Charlson, Painting the Roses Red

Stanford Vietnamese Student Association and Stanford Lion Dance, SVSA Culture Night 2016*

East Bay Beats (working title)

Ram’s Head, The Theory of Relativity*

At the Fountain Theatricals, Songs For A New World

Testimony Christian A Capella, Testimony 25th Anniversary Show*

Diego Hernandez, Dogfight*

Mario Chris, Performance by WillFreed*

* also a Creative Spaces Grant recipient 

Visual Art Exhibition

Wiley Webb, Designing Experiences — Insights from Japan’s Top Designers

Brianne Huntsman, Clothing as Feminine Empowerment

Karen Wang, Hometowns

Anika Nagpal, Aesthetics of Science

Soo Ji Lee, Flexing

Elena Portz, Primal Analogue (working title)

Maia Paroginog, The Impossibility of You / The Impossibility of Myself (working title)

Austin Whittier, Nocturnal Attractor

Lydia Maria Tsiverioti, Oil Glitch (working title)

Ariela Safira, A Neglected Story – Sephardic Judaism and Identity in Yemen (working title)

Vivian Xiao, A Graphic Novel Adaptation of King Lear

Oscar Lee, Agentive (working title)

Charlie Yang, ARTificiality (working title)

Moments of Innovation: A Stanford Virtual Experience (working title)

Keagan Sitompul, Time Zones (working title)

Graduate Production Support

Stanford Classics in Theater, The Republican Party in Pieces

Audrey Moyce, Dante and Audrey and Franny and Zooey

Stanford Savoyards, Don Giovanni

Creative Spaces

Pilipino American Student Union, Pilipino Cultural Night

TalismanSpring Show and South Africa Tour Documentary

Cardinal Calypso, Panorama: 10-Year Anniversary Show

Stanford Improvisors, Valentine Shows

Asian American Theater Project (AATP), Into the Woods

Stanford Fleet Street Singers, Fear (Spring Concert)

Cardinal Studios, PHIL 21M (working title)

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