Student Initiative

A couple of stories this month demonstrate the initiative and drive that Stanford students bring to their creative projects.

Camille Brown’s experience volunteering with Camp Kesem at Stanford, a summer camp for the children of cancer patients, inspired her to write and produce a one-woman play, “Seeing the Spectrum.” Brown received a Spark! grant from the Stanford Arts Institute to realize her vision for this artistic tribute to a community she came to know and appreciate deeply. Her project was performed on campus on January 18 and 19 and is described in Scope, a blog of the Stanford University School of Medicine.

A drive to overcome challenges also characterizes Ken Savage and Asia Chiao, the students behind “My Fair Lady,” the first student-produced musical in Bing Concert Hall (January 31). Savage and Chiao worked through production obstacles, logistical difficulties, and changes in venue to realize their vision: reimagining Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins as part of the British Asian immigrant community in early 20th century London. The Stanford Report carried a story about their process and the Stanford Daily conducted interview with Savage and Chiao about the production.

The creative energy of our students will be at the forefront as the Stanford hosts “Emerging Creatives,” the first national student conference of the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities.  The conference, which takes place January 30-February 1, is bringing over 100 students from universities across the country to Stanford to share ideas, develop skills (including a bootcamp in design thinking), and connect with like-minded peers. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to share Stanford student initiative — and initiatives — with so many other students. Check back here next month for a report on the gathering and its outcomes.