Art and Ideas at Stanford Live

An in-depth look at the composer Joseph Haydn and his era – coupled with performances of some of his most iconic works. An evening of music by 11 different cultures along the Nile River – combined with conversations about geography, cultural policy, and environmental sustainability. These were the first two programs in a new series…

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Happy 2015!

Welcome to the new year!

We are looking forward to everything 2015 will bring in the arts at Stanford – new exhibitions at the Cantor Arts Center, Stanford Live performances at Bing Concert Hall and beyond, engagement with the Anderson Collection at Stanford University – and of course the enormous variety of performances, events, exhibitions and programs put on by…

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November State of the Arts – Imagining the Universe

The universe has always been a platform for life’s big questions. Who are we? Where did we come from? It’s a way to explore and deepen our understanding of the universe while we learn about ourselves.

“Imagining the Universe” is a collaborative campus-wide program bringing together a broad array of partners on campus and in the Bay Area.* The cosmos has long inspired our imaginations – fueling research, reflection, and creative response. There’s a lot to be learned from this vast topic. That’s why the series will host exhibitions, performances, public…

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Welcome Back!

The new school year has started – and started with a bang!

On Sept. 21 the Anderson Collection at Stanford University officially opened its doors, following a week of celebratory events. Over 3,000 visitors enjoyed this amazing new campus resource during the opening weekend. And then the next day classes started – and Professor Pamela Lee’s Abstract Expressionism seminar held its first session in the Anderson Collection…

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Opening this month!

It’s September – and students are packing up their belongings to come to Stanford for the new school year.

The Anderson Collection at Stanford University has been packing as well – crating 121 exemplary works of modern and contemporary art and moving them from the Andersons’ private collection to their new home in Stanford’s arts district. The team has been working hard all summer long receiving and installing the works – by Jackson Pollock,…

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Coming up Next

Summer at Stanford is a time for rest, relaxation – and feverish planning for the year ahead. Next year brings some amazing new developments in the arts on campus. Here's a peek:

Stanford Live is excited to hold its inaugural summer season. The program kicked off with the St. Lawrence String Quartet on June 23. For the first time, the Stanford and Bay Area community will be able to enjoy Stanford Live’s varied and exciting performances during the summer months. Stanford Live has also announced its full…

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Time Out

This is a busy time of year. There’s too much to be done in the few remaining weeks of the quarter, and everyone feels a bit rushed. So this month we’re highlighting some recent initiatives that encourage us to take time out—to engage in a focused way with the arts, and to use that experience to reconnect, refresh, and invigorate.

The third annual Frost Music and Arts Festival took place on Saturday, May 17. On stage, campus-based mash-up Paper Void joined psychedelic pop band Yeasayer as opening acts for the indie group Dispatch. The festival took place in mid-quarter 2014—right in the middle of exams and papers. But the experience was an afternoon out of…

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With the end of the 2013-2014 academic year fast approaching, this month is all about our graduating Stanford seniors.

On April 23 the senior class put on the second annual Senior Arts Gala in Bing Concert Hall. This new Stanford tradition is a great occasion. The students get a chance to celebrate their time at Stanford, take a step into the next phase of their lives (with a very sophisticated cocktail party)—and enjoy the…

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For a group of Stanford students last week, spring break meant plunging into the arts—in New York City.

Eighteen lucky students went to museums, galleries and performances. They danced with members of the Mark Morris Dance Group, met with art experts at Christie’s, attended a rehearsal of the New York Philharmonic—and much, much more. Throughout the week, students gathered their thoughts and impressions about the trip on tumblr. The students were participating in…

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Emerging Creatives

Last month, Stanford hosted the first ever “Emerging Creatives” conference, organized by the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities. During this three-day intensive experience, one hundred students from twenty-five universities across the country explored connections among the arts, design, technology, and business while learning from pioneers and leaders in interdisciplinary collaboration. The students participated…

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Student Initiative

A couple of stories this month demonstrate the initiative and drive that Stanford students bring to their creative projects.

Camille Brown’s experience volunteering with Camp Kesem at Stanford, a summer camp for the children of cancer patients, inspired her to write and produce a one-woman play, “Seeing the Spectrum.” Brown received a Spark! grant from the Stanford Arts Institute to realize her vision for this artistic tribute to a community she came to know and appreciate deeply. Her project…

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Stanford Arts: Breadth and Depth

Breadth—because we are integrating the arts and creativity across the university. And depth—in the excellence and resonance of our individual programs.

Welcome to 2014! It’s an exciting time in the arts at Stanford. Last year brought us the opening of Bing Concert Hall, and this fall we will see the opening of the Anderson Collection at Stanford University. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival on campus of this magnificent collection of postwar and contemporary American art. Keep an…

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Stanford Arts Institute to pilot new interdisciplinary honors program

The Stanford Arts Institute will pilot a new interdisciplinary honors program in the arts during the 2013-14 academic year, an initiative intended to appeal to arts and non-arts majors alike. Students admitted to the program will participate in small workshops throughout their senior year while working towards the completion of a capstone project that reflects…

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