Stanford poetry competition aims to revive a performance tradition

At the second annual Poetry Out Loud competition, students practice the timeless art of performing poetry, for cash prizes.

Poetry is often thought of as silent text confined to the page, but the words of some of the most famous poets in the English language were given new life at Stanford’s second annual Poetry Out Loud (POL) competition. In a room packed with spectators, the works of Walt Whitman, Lewis Carroll and Edgar Allan…

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In a series of gatherings, Stanford discusses the ethics of wealth

Spread across the school year, a series of talks, readings, films and performances organized by the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society will explore the relationship between money and humanity.

With all the things that money can buy comes a slew of ethical and moral dilemmas. To name a few: Does wealth make people happy? Are large wealth inequalities damaging to a democracy? What are the moral obligations of the wealthy to those in need? Throughout the 2012-13 academic year scholars from an array of…

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