Stanford University announces collaboration with Sundance Institute New Frontier Lab Programs designed to heighten creative visibility in underrepresented sectors

Sundance New Frontier Story Lab Fellow Stephanie Dinkins will further develop the “mind” of a learning artificial intelligence entity while on campus.

Stanford’s new Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), an interdisciplinary, global hub for artificial intelligence thinkers, learners, researchers, developers, builders and users, co-hosts its first HAI artist resident. The residency is a collaboration with Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Lab Programs (NFLP) and co-hosts on campus are the Office of the Vice President for the Arts…

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Community building by way of ballet and bhangra

Leaders from student dance groups are invited to co-teach a course on dance forms from around the globe.

Stanford students who took Inter-Style Choreography Workshop this spring explored a variety of dance styles as part of an effort to build a stronger community of dancers on campus. Video by Kurt Hickman Student dancers and choreographers came together in a course that merged collaboration and culture into dance practice. When School of Humanities and Sciences dance…

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Stanford senior and university VR club co-founder creates pioneering augmented reality film with fellow undergraduate

Max Korman believes that new augmented reality platforms represent a paradigm shift in how people will tell stories and create art in the future.

Stanford undergraduates Max Korman, ’18, and Khoi Le, ’20, launched what may be the world’s first augmented reality narrative film. And they did it using their mobile phones. Snowbird is a 3D-animated short movie about porcelain creatures that come to life in a snow globe. (Image credit: Courtesy of Max Korman) Augmented reality (AR) is a…

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Stanford invites distinguished roster of architects to talk about volume

The longstanding community outreach program celebrates design on and off campus.

For over 25 years, the Stanford community has gathered to hear about the latest innovations in architecture and landscape design at the annual Architecture + Landscape Spring Lecture Series. This event pavilion is part of the David and Joan Traitel Building, designed for the Hoover Institution by Douglas C. Johnston and Erik Tellander of William…

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Students launch Manicule, a new journal on art history, film studies

A new student-run journal focused on art history and film studies, called Manicule, released its first issue last month. The journal showcases scholarly and creative pieces written by Stanford undergraduate students in the fields of art history and film and media studies. The aim of the annual publication is to provoke new ways of thinking about…

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Stanford team brings medieval texts to a contemporary audience

A new website curated by Stanford faculty and students, the Global Medieval Sourcebook, translates medieval literature into English for the first time.

The Middle Ages produced a staggering wealth of literary works, spanning dozens of languages and nearly 1,000 years. The question today is how to bring these texts to a modern audience who may not have specialized knowledge of medieval languages and contexts. The illustration depicts King Henry II of England demanding that the Arthurian romances…

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When art is your business, treat your business like Art

How three Stanford alumni created an international gallery designed to benefit artists, collectors, and its owners — in that order.

In 2012, three Stanford alumni set out to bring a high-minded, counterintuitive business model to the anything-goes frontier of Chinese art, where business ethics are sometimes murky and counterfeiters often go to extraordinary lengths to fool private and institutional collectors. “A copy’s intent is to mimic, not to express anything authentic,” says Craig L. Yee…

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Stanford launches its first free online course in classical music appreciation

Led by Stanford Professor Stephen Hinton, a new online class features the composer Haydn and performances by the St. Lawrence String Quartet. It is filmed in the Bing Concert Hall and the Bing Studio.

A new, free Stanford Online class that explores the early evolution of the string quartet and features classical music and commentary is now open for enrollment. Designed to be of interest both to musicians and those with no prior knowledge of the form, Defining the String Quartet: Haydn explores the origins of the string quartet…

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Stanford students create a mobile art studio that rolls with learning opportunities

A Stanford student-built mobile art space offers rewarding experiences in creativity and sustainability.

Three weeks before most Stanford students arrived on campus to start fall quarter 2015, Stanford guest artist David Szlasa was building a portable art studio with a small group of students at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. The studio was built from salvaged scrap material available at the Jasper Ridge maintenance site. Eleven students enrolled in…

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Stanford students present their self-designed, self-manufactured creations

Students spent the quarter building sports equipment, consumer goods, education and health devices, agricultural tools and everything in between. Serving students from diverse academic backgrounds, the Product Realization Lab allows users to design and manufacture most anything imaginable. Meet the Makers is an event that allows students the opportunity to show off their projects with…

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Stanford students show off their art at Open Studios

After putting in long hours all quarter, students who took courses in the Department of Art and Art History threw open the studio doors recently and invited the Stanford community to see what they’d been working on. Spaces throughout the McMurtry Building were filled with drawings, paintings, sculptures, multimedia projects and more. The Open Studios…

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Sounds of the sea

Every fall Chris Chafe, professor of music and director of the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), takes students from Music 220A out on the high seas to record sound. In October 2015, 30 students chewed a bit of ginger and headed out for the day to dangle their self-built hydrophones over…

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The art of music: String quartet captivates visitors to the Anderson Collection

As part of an effort to engage visitors in fresh and unique gallery experiences, the Anderson Collection at Stanford University treated museum visitors to a special performance by the St. Lawrence String Quartet.

As part of an effort to engage visitors in fresh and unique gallery experiences, the Anderson Collection at Stanford University treated museum visitors to a special performance by the St. Lawrence String Quartet. Music lofted through the gallery as the quartet performed a mix of classic and contemporary arrangements to a packed crowd of onlookers.…

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Our Favorite Mobile Device

An alum's bright idea for portable shelter became a beloved cultural fixture: the Airstream.

Long before the interstate highway system, before station wagons dotted the miles between Howard Johnson motor lodges, a Stanford alum put Americans on the road to almost anywhere they wanted to go. But as visionary as Wally Byam was, he never could have anticipated what his invention of the Airstream trailer would mean to U.S.…

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Stanford student group reshapes music-making hierarchy

Twenty-four musicians experiment with collaborative leadership in their new conductorless ensemble, SCOr.

The goal was to create an opportunity for students to develop their skills and become better communicators, listeners and facilitators who will apply what they’ve learned to future personal and professional settings. These are not business school students, but they are entrepreneurial, and they are experimenting with an alternative organizational model, albeit in the music…

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