Infectious-disease expert explains data via sculptures, contraptions

Many infectious diseases, including malaria, are marked by cyclical ups and downs. David Schneider takes a creative approach to making sense of those ups and downs.

On a wall-mounted shelf in the office of David Schneider sit two-dozen or more empty Diet Coke bottles of varying shapes and sizes. They’re emblazoned with various languages, testifying to all the places he’s downed one of the beverages. He’s not a coffee drinker. There’s also a nice bug collection displayed on the wall. Schneider, PhD, professor…

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A latticework of iridescent color and light

New sculpture to be dedicated to former dean Philip Pizzo.

How do you portray space? One possible answer now hangs from the ceiling of the Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge. The new sculpture, artist Alyson Shotz’s vision of the skeletal structure of emptiness, was commissioned by the School of Medicine to honor former dean Philip Pizzo, MD. It will be dedicated May 21. Sailing above the…

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