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  • Elijah Ndoumbé

    Yeji Jung, Wax and Wane
  • Robert Shi

    Stanford Theater Laboratory, Go Ask Alice
  • Harrison Truong

    Common Origins, Breaking Ground
  • Cardinal Studios, Hellevator
  • Harrison Truong

    Dv8, EnCounter Culture 2017
  • Tyler Dunston

    Tyler Dunston, Heaven and Earth
  • Tiffany Ong

    Bent Spoon and SCOr, Glassdances
  • Frank Chen

    AATP, Caught
  • Elijah Ndoumbé

    Kiki Williams, Unearthing
  • Robert Shi

    Stanford UNICEF, Oh the Places You'll Go
  • Harrison Truong

    Alliance Streetdance, Hipnotized 2017
  • Frank Chen

    AATP, Purple Cloud
  • Frank Chen

    BLACKstage and Stanford Light Opera Company, Ragtime
  • Ash Ngu

    Timothy Lee, Sexual Identity as a Korean-American
  • Jessica Meno

    SVSA, Culture Night 2017
  • Catherine Wong

    Catherine Wong and Nathalia Scrimshaw, Undocumented
  • Frank Chen

    Stanford Women* in Theater, Merchant of Venice

Student Arts Grants: A Year in Photos 2016-17

This year's Student Arts Grants supported a wide range of projects across the Stanford campus. The projects covered many genres including devised performance, contemporary dance, printmaking, classical and contemporary plays, documentary and fiction film shorts, musical theater, painting, photography, and more. Many of this year's grantees utilized the new Roble Arts Gym as a rehearsal/work space as well as a venue for their exhibits and performances. All of the projects enlivened the campus by showcasing the multidimensional talent and passion of Stanford students.

2016-17 Projects:


Akwaaba, By the Fireside

Timothy Lee, Sexual Identity as a Korean-American

Ouree Lee, thumbs-eye coordination

Women* in Theater, Merchant of Venice

Bent Spoon Dance Company/Stanford Collaborative Orchestra, Glassdances*

Kiki Williams, Unearthing*

Alliance Streetdance, Hipnotized 2017*

Dv8, EnCounter Culture 2017*

Common Origins, Breaking Ground 2016*

Sandro Luna, Ippon: A Judo Documentary*

Asian American Theater Project, Purple Cloud* and CAUGHT*

Maya Burke & Katherine Flink, A.A.R.P.*

Fleet Street, Spring Show 2017*

Connor Anderson, Legacy Jazz @ Stanford

Xavier Fields & Julie Fukunaga, Recorder Choir Project

* also a Creative Spaces Grant recipient 


Visual Art Exhibition

Yeji Jung, Wax and Wane

Beatriz Cuevas, Reflections on the Latinx Identity in the U.S.

Michaela Coleman, Concrete Lacuna: Challenging Modern Practices of Solitary Confinement

Tyler Dunston, Heaven and Earth: exploring myth through dirt and light

Meagan Wu, Hands Healing Hands

Catherine Wong & Nathalia Scrimshaw, Undocumented

Stanford UNICEF, Oh the Places You'll Go: Photographic Reflections on Childhood Across Cultures*


* also a Creative Spaces Grant recipient 


Creative Spaces

BLACKstage, Ragtime

Stanford Theater Laboratory, Go Ask Alice

Black Family Gathering Committee, Blackfest Pre-Show

Cardinal Studios, Autumn Quarter 2016 Films

Class of 2018, Junior Arts Night

Mixed Company, Love Sucks

Raagapella, Alankaar: A South Asian Arts Showcase

SOCA/Stanford Jazz Consortium, Soul Concert

Stanford Vietnamese Student Association, Culture Night 2017

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