Students in History of World Cinema (FILMSTUD 100A) visit the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum in October 2019. (Photo: Karla Oeler)

artsCatalyst Grants 2019-20

This past academic year, the Office of the Vice President for the Arts awarded 33 artsCatalyst Grants to faculty members from across the University. These grants foster arts experiences that enhance classroom experiences for undergraduate students. Activities included field trips to Bay Area cultural organizations, workshops with visiting artists, and attending performances.

2019-20 artsCatalyst Grant Recipients

  • Why is Climate Change Un-believable? Interdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Action (COMPLIT 207), David Palumbo-Liu (Comparative Literature)
  • Creative Nonfiction (ENGLISH 91) and Fiction Writing (ENGLISH 90), Edward Porter (English-Creative Writing)
  • Making Your Own Solo Show (TAPS 173/273), Samer Al-Saber (TAPS)
  • Reading and Making Music Videos (MUSIC 102/202), Carol Vernallis (Music)
  • Writing & Rhetoric 2: Rhetoric of Activism (PWR 2SN), Shannon Hervey (PWR)
  • Intersectional Feminism (FEMGEN 132), Maxe Crandall (FGSS)
  • WISE: The Art of Protest (ENGLISH 162), Claire Grossman (English)
  • The Poetry Salon (ENGL192PS), Michael Shewmaker (Creative Writing)
  • A Rebel With A Cause: The Rhetoric of Giving a Damn (PWR 2KTA), Kathleen Tarr (PWR)
  • The Novel Salon (ENGLISH 190NS), Shimon Tanaka (Creative Writing)
  • Introduction to Dance Studies (TAPS 11)/Dance and the Politics of Movement (DANCE 161P), Janice Ross (TAPS)
  • African American Art (ARTHIST 191/AFRICAAM 191B)/U.S. Latinx Art (ARTHIST 194, CHILATST 195, CSRE 195), Rose Salseda (Art History)
  • Professional Development in Music (MUSIC 6F), Joo-Mee Lee (Music)
  • Body Mapping (LIFE 102), Cari Costanzo (Health & Human Performance)
  • Great Arabic Poetry (COMPLIT 252A), Alexander Key (Comparative Literature)
  • Painting: Architecture in the Environment (CEE 133H), Michael Azgour (Architectural Design)
  • Once Upon a Cause: Producing Picture Books for Local Children (PWR 2EE), Erik Ellis (PWR)
  • The Artful Interpreter (ENGLISH 157H, BIOHOPK 157H), Sara Michas-Martin (Creative Writing)
  • The Literature of Psychosis (PSYC 82), Daniel Mason (Psychology)
  • Performing Race, Gender, and Sexuality (LIFE 150G, ARTSINST 150G, CSRE 150G, CSRE 350G, FEMGEN 150G, TAPS 150G), Gigi Otalvaro (Health & Human Performance)
  • Virtual Reality: the possibility and peril of immersive artwork (ARTSTUDI 169), Camille Utterback (Art Practice)
  • Concepts in Environmental Communication (EARTHSYS 191), Thomas Hayden (Earth Systems)
  • History of World Cinema (FILMSTUD 100A), Karla Oeler (Film and Media Studies)
  • Acting for Non Majors (TAPS 124D), Kay Kostopoulos (TAPS)
  • Audiovisual Performance (MUSIC 203), Constantin Basica (CCRMA)
  • Sense of Place (ANTHRO 39), Paula Ebron (Anthropology)
  • Fiction Writing (ENGLISH 90), Rose Whitmore (English-Creative Writing)
  • Literature That Changed The World (English 159A / CSRE 159I / AFRICAAM 159A), Michaela Bronstein (English)
  • All That Jazz: The Rhetoric of American Musical Theater (PWR 2WG), Wendy Goldberg (PWR)
  • Fiction Writing (ENGLISH 90), Ruchika Tomar (Creative Writing)