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  • Stanford Oceans Society, "Ocean Art Gallery"
  • Photo: Alli Armstrong

    Still from Cardinal Studios' "Delivery"
  • Photo: Frank Chen

    Stanford Theater Lab, "Angels in America Part I: Millenium Approaches"
  • Stanford Storyboard Club, "Rebeginning: a showcase of multimodal sequential art"
  • Photo: Toren Forensdal

    Stanford Bhangra
  • Photo: Wendy Goldberg

    Tamu Adumer, "Assimilation"
  • Photo: Sophia Kivelson

    Cardinal Calypso ft. Talisman, "Sharing Culture, Sharing Strength: Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert"
  • Photo: Andre Cornman

    Shin Mei Chan and Sophia Xiao, "Cutting Deep: An Exhibition on the Exploration of Art and Medicine"
  • Photo: Robert Shi

    Angelica Previte, "The Seven Deadly Sins, Live and In Concert"
  • Photo: Malcolm Lizzappi

    Xavier Fields and Julie Fukunaga, "Recorder Choir Project"
  • Photo: Kadin Henry Hendricks

    Diego Hernandez ('18) conducting the orchestra for Stanford Light Opera Company's "Magic Flute"
  • Photo: Eric Rawn

    Eric Rawn and Alex Lin, "Enchanted Spaces"
  • Photo: Frank Chen

    Asian American Theater Project, "The Last Five Years"
  • Photo: Michael Anthony Spencer

    BLACKstage, "The Wiz"
  • Photo: Malcolm Lizzappi

    Asian American Students Association, Launch of "Immigration Narratives Zine"
  • Photo: Sarah Ondak

    Stanford Light Opera Company and Asian American Theater Project, "Phantom of the Opera"
  • David Chao, "Cultural Landscapes: An Examination of Asian Identity"
  • Photo: Matt Shimura

    A student watching Hope Schroeder's VR film, "Journey from Fall to Rise"
  • Photo: Austin Chow

    Asian American Theater Project, "The Chronicles of Kalki"
  • Photo: An Nguyen

    Kayumanggi, "Pilipinx Culture Night 2018"
  • Everyday People, "Spring Show"
  • Photo: Toren Forensdal

    Common Origins, "Breaking Ground 2017"
  • Pajnucci Vue, "Three Farms"
  • dv8, "EnCounter Culture 2018"
  • Photo: Meilan Steimle

    [wit]: a gender critical theater company, "Doctor Voynich and Her Children"
  • Photo: Kadin Hendricks

    Stanford African Students Association, "Cultural Show 2018"

Student Arts Grants: A Year in Photos 2017-18

This year’s Student Arts Grants supported a wide range of projects across the Stanford campus. The projects covered many genres including contemporary plays, documentary and fiction film shorts, musical theater, painting, photography, drag performance, and more. Many of this year’s grantees utilized Roble Arts Gym as a rehearsal/work space as well as a venue for their exhibits and performances. All of the projects enlivened the campus by showcasing the multidimensional talent and passion of Stanford students.

2017-18 Projects:


Angelica Previte, The Seven Deadly Sins, Live And In Concert*

Xavier Fields and Julie Fukunaga, Recorder Choir Project

Asian American Theater Project, The Chronicles of Kalki* and The Last Five Years*

Common Origins, Breaking Ground 2017*

[wit], Doctor Voynich and Her Children

Freeks, Give Face

Stanford Drag Troupe, Silicone Valley

Stanford Light Opera Company, The Magic Flute and The Phantom of the Opera*

Stanford Noopur, Spring Showcase

Daniel Hills-Bunnell, Kari Wadden, Tess Rialdo, and Maya Burke, Pop Dentistry

Jason McRuer and Ali Anglin, Trees for my Daughters

Alliance Streetdance, Hipnotized 2018*

BLACKstage Theater Company, The Wiz: The Super Soul Musical*

Cardinal Calypso, Sharing Culture, Sharing Strength: Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert*

Dv8, Encounter Culture 2018*

Kayumanggi, Pilipinx Cultural Night 2018*

Stanford Improvisors, Spontaneous Broadway: Valentine’s Edition*

Stanford Vietnamese Student Association, Culture Night 2018*

Talisman, Spring Showcase*

Cardinal Studios, Cardboard Therapy

Everyday People, Spring Show

Fleet Street, Spring Show

XTRM, Stanford XTRM Cover Project: Connecting People through Kpop and Dance

Stewart Gray III, What This Place Meant

Stanford African Student Association, Cultural Show*

Stanford Gospel Choir, Spring Show*

Stanford Bhangra, Bhangra Blowout

* also a Creative Spaces Grant recipient 


Maker Grant

Eric Rawn and Alex Lin, Enchanted Spaces: Visualizing music, data, and information

Stanford Storyboard Club, Rebeginninging  : a showcase of multimodal sequential art

Kristel Bugayong, Going Home

Victoria Yuan, Open Me

Tamu Adumer, Assimilation

David Chao, Cultural Landscapes: An Examination of Asian Identity*

Pajnucci Vue, 3 Farmers*

Stanford Oceans Society, Oceans Art Display

Mark Ferguson, Magic Marbled Silks

Junha Hwang, All Around Us

Cathy Yang, Our Faces

Asian American Students Association, Immigration Narratives: Advancing Our Movement*

Shin Mei Chan and Sophia Xiao, Cutting Deep: An Exhibition on the Exploration of Art and Medicine

Lora Supandi, Colors of Athena

* also a Creative Spaces Grant recipient 


Creative Spaces

Hope Schroeder, Journey from Fall to Rise

Ali Anglin and Clarissa Carter, Petty

Cardinal Studios, Cardinal Studios Fall Film Premiere

Everyday People, 30th Anniversary Reunion Show

Stanford Theater Laboratory, Angels in America Part I: Millenium Approaches

MINT Magazine, MINT Magazine Publication

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