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Grants & Awards

Stanford offers several channels through which student artists can find funding for curricular and extracurricular projects.

Every year, the Office of the Vice President for the Arts (VPA) helps fund hundreds of projects by Stanford artists across artistic disciplines.

VPA offers grants to Stanford students, faculty, and academic staff members in order to weave arts experiences into the fabric of campus life. The grants foster the communion of members of diverse communities and disciplines around art, support the vibrant student arts community, drive the innovation of new art forms and ways of engaging with art, scholarship, and bring arts professionals onto campus to inspire and collaborate with students and practitioners.

Sabrina Wilensky 2018


Sabrina Wilensky (she/her)
Manager of Grants and Programs
Office of the Vice President for the Arts

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Erina Alejo


Erina Alejo (they/she/siya)

Program Associate
Office of the Vice President for the Arts

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