Research Residencies

Research Residencies are no longer offered

The Research Residencies at Stanford Arts support the relationship between art and research by providing artists of any discipline with the space and time to work on a nascent project, offering access to the intellectual and archival resources of Stanford University. Artists can meet with Stanford professors, dig into special collections, explore labs, write, and create. During their visit Stanford Arts offers the artists the opportunity to show their work in progress at the Bing Studio.

Previous Artists:

HM Headshot

Hope Mohr
Stanford Arts Research Resident, choreographer and writer Hope Mohr will research the intersection of artmaking and ideology through the genre of artist manifestos.


Alyson Shotz
Alyson Shotz will be researching the visualization of waves, particle motion, the glacier movement, and crystalline structures and making sculptural studies based on this research.


Michael Friedman
Composer Michael Friedman will be researching the history of American popular music for his new musical American Pop, about the power of pop songs – why we write them, why we sing them, and where they come from.

Michael Friedman’s visit is made possible by a gift from Ron and Cynthia Beck.


Paulina Borsook – My Life as a Ghost
To develop the performance/installation, My Life as a Ghost, Paulina Borsook will be researching the psychoneurological consequences of traumatic brain injuries, drawing from her own experiences and interviews with other individuals living with TBI.


Aaron Landsman – Perfect City
Perfect City will be a performance and installation about the formation and reformation of modern urban cities and the intersection between the planners and the inhabitants.