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Roble Theater


Location Roble Theater
Building Roble Hall
Room Number M130
Description As a prime space in Roble Hall, the Roble Theater is open to all Roble residents, student organizations, and other student groups looking for a space to rehearse, meet, perform, or gather for other needs.
Square Footage 1,396 sq ft
Capacity 175
Available Seating 35 plastic chairs and 5 couches
Function Theater performances
Floor Carpet
Lighting Stage lighting
Piano Yes
Sound System Yes
Projection Screen Yes
Access In dorms
Daylight Windows
Reservations robletheaterreserve@gmail.com
Comments Please allow at least 48 hours notice prior to your event to provide sufficient time to process your request
Other equipment Video Projector, Sound Board, Pre-Programmed Stage Lighting, Cables needed for connecting to projector or sound equipment. All additional equipment needed by a group, including but not limited to chairs, microphones, speakers, etc. should be obtained via Stanford Event Services

Theater reservations are subject to the following guidelines:

– First priority for reservations will be given to Roble RF and Student Staff Programs and Events.

– All other groups and organizations may reserve the space on a first come, first serve basis.

– Re-occurring reservations may be made for a maximum of 1 quarter at a time.

– Reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance to receive full consideration.  Those reservations made with less than 48 hours notice will be accommodated to the best of our abilities.

– If a group fails to use the space when they have it reserved 2 times in a quarter, they will lose the ability to make subsequent reservations for the following quarter.

Theater Usage and Maintenance Standards:

Groups who violate any of these guidelines will lose their right to reserve the Theater and groups will be held responsible for any and all damages that they may cause as a result of their use of the space:


Maintenance – The theater should be left in the same condition as it was found or better.  This includes any furniture that may be removed or brought into the space.  It should all be returned as the group found it upon arrival.

Noise – While using the space, groups shall maintain a moderate noise level and accommodate requests from residents and staff members if the noise level becomes too high.  Please note that quiet hours in Roble are Sunday-Thursday from 11pm to 8am and Friday/Saturday from 1am to 10am.  All use of the theater is expected to comply with these quiet hours.

Alcohol and Fire Use – It is a Stanford University policy that no alcohol is to be consumed in public spaces within Frosh Housing Communities.  This includes lounges, conference rooms, hallways, and spaces like the Roble Theater.  Smoking is prohibited within Roble and its perimeter, as is any use of fire (candles, etc.)

Entry to building – We cannot guarantee that keycard access to the building can be provided to any reserving group.  Requests may be made to the RF or Program Associate, but no promises are made.  Please do not prop doors or allow non-group members to enter the hall.

Set-Up and Take-Down – All set-up and take-down before and after the program or event must be done by the reserving group.  No Roble Staff will be available to help in these efforts.  If extra time is needed for either, please be sure to account for that in your reservation request.  Groups who fail to properly take down their materials will face restrictions to future reservations.

For more information:

About Reservations – contact Chris Corces-Zimmerman (online calendar)

Technical and Programmatic questions – contact Jim Cadena, Director of ResArts Program



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