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Q&A with the curator of the Cantor Arts Center’s exhibition Creativity on the Line

The exhibition and catalogue showcase mid-twentieth-century design for the corporate world.

With product design an integral part of business today, it’s perhaps surprising to realize that just a few decades ago, the union of design and commerce was largely dismissed in the corporate world. A new exhibition at the Cantor Arts Center explores the sometimes-rocky collaboration between artists and businesses. Creativity on the Line: Design for…

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Stanford in New York: arts, architecture, design and urban studies; media and finance; the global city

As thousands of Stanford students settle into the rhythm of a new academic year on the Farm, 21 juniors and seniors are establishing their autumn quarter routines – seminars, internships and field trips – in the Big Apple through the Stanford in New York program. Under the program, which the university launched last autumn, students…

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Student Arts Grants: A Year in Photos 2015-16

From calypso to classical opera, from adaptations of classic texts to original, student-written theater, this year’s Student Arts Grants supported creative diversity across Stanford campus. This year’s grantees included the recipients of the inaugural Creative Spaces grants which provide support specifically for the costs associated with performing in some of Stanford’s most popular venues (such as the Bing Studio…

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Stanford students create a mobile art studio that rolls with learning opportunities

A Stanford student-built mobile art space offers rewarding experiences in creativity and sustainability.

Three weeks before most Stanford students arrived on campus to start fall quarter 2015, Stanford guest artist David Szlasa was building a portable art studio with a small group of students at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. The studio was built from salvaged scrap material available at the Jasper Ridge maintenance site. Eleven students enrolled in…

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Stanford students present their self-designed, self-manufactured creations

Students spent the quarter building sports equipment, consumer goods, education and health devices, agricultural tools and everything in between. Serving students from diverse academic backgrounds, the Product Realization Lab allows users to design and manufacture most anything imaginable. Meet the Makers is an event that allows students the opportunity to show off their projects with…

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Photo gallery from the Stanford Arts trip to Menlo Park’s Pace Gallery for teamLab’s stunning exhibition

Two weeks ago, Stanford Arts shuttled students over to Menlo Park's Pace Gallery for a mid-quarter study break.

Two weeks ago, Stanford Arts shuttled students over to Menlo Park’s Pace Gallery for a mid-quarter study break. This is where teamLab, a Tokyo-based collective of artists, engineers and designers, has set up shop, displaying 20 digital works for its interactive and immersive exhibition, Living Digital Space and Future Parks. “I was very interested in…

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Our Favorite Mobile Device

An alum's bright idea for portable shelter became a beloved cultural fixture: the Airstream.

Long before the interstate highway system, before station wagons dotted the miles between Howard Johnson motor lodges, a Stanford alum put Americans on the road to almost anywhere they wanted to go. But as visionary as Wally Byam was, he never could have anticipated what his invention of the Airstream trailer would mean to U.S.…

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Spark! Grants: A Year in Photos 2014-15

From a rock band record release to Steve Reich, from Much Ado About Nothing to original, student-written musical theater, this year’s Spark! grant supported creative diversity across Stanford campus. These student groups, individuals, undergraduates, and graduates enliven the campus with their artistic endeavors. 2014-2015 Projects: SImps Workshops The Long Way Around The Benevolent Institution Proof…

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Congratulations 2014-15 graduates!

Go forward and remember the words of your Baccalaureate speaker and civil rights leader Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. who said that the world was calling out for you to realize your talents – not just for your own gain – but also to lift up those in whose shoes, but for the grace of God,…

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Unexpected intersections

These collaborations blur traditional boundaries and open new avenues for discovery and expression.

Far-flung collaborations flourish at Stanford: Physicists create dance performances, biologists and musicians expand our understanding of epilepsy, and engineers speed environmental research. This interdisciplinary environment springs from having strong science and humanities departments adjacent to a thriving arts district and is aided by research institutes that cross school and department lines. These collaborations blur traditional…

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Five-year digitization and inventory project at Cantor nears the finish line

Entire collection will be online to everyone this fall, allowing scholars and the public greater access to the encyclopedic collection and presenting the Cantor staff with a clear picture of the museum's holdings.

It has been picture day at Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center five days a week for five years. Thousands of objects have posed for the camera in order to be included in an online database. The massive digitization and inventory project serves multiple purposes: access for students, faculty and other scholars; a clear assessment of what…

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Cantor wins prestigious media and technology award

Stanford, Calif., May 8, 2015 — The Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University earned a 2015 Gold Muse Award from the American Alliance of Museums’ Media and Technology Professional Network. The Cantor won the Honeysett and Din Award for TandemArt, a software application created by recent Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) students Renee Bruner…

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Groundbreaking theater technology in the making

When Stanford’s Ram’s Head Theatrical Society presented Les Misérables last year, it wasn’t just the telling of a tale of love and the power of the human spirit. It was a demonstration of ingenuity. Lighting designer MATT LATHROP ’16, developed a digitally operated remote control follow spot for the production. “Rather than using a typical…

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Blooming Fibonacci

John Edmark's 3D printed sculptures.

These 3-D printed sculptures, called blooms, are designed to animate when spun under a strobe light. The placement of the appendages is determined by the same method nature uses in pinecones and sunflowers. The rotation speed is synchronized to the strobe so that one flash occurs every time the sculpture turns 137.5º – the golden…

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Stanford d.school students ‘humanize’ a truck for a good cause

Stanford students get their hands dirty designing and rebuilding a truck to serve the specific needs of San Jose's Tech Museum of Innovation.

The well-used delivery truck came with seats for two. Now it needed sturdy, safe seats for three people and a dog. And the passenger seat had to be removable so mechanics could maintain and repair the engine. That’s just one of dozens of design challenges that must be solved by Stanford students in the Humanize…

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Happy 2015!

Welcome to the new year!

We are looking forward to everything 2015 will bring in the arts at Stanford – new exhibitions at the Cantor Arts Center, Stanford Live performances at Bing Concert Hall and beyond, engagement with the Anderson Collection at Stanford University – and of course the enormous variety of performances, events, exhibitions and programs put on by…

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