MashUp: A Flash Grant for Collaborative Work

Grants for the slightly weird, the wacky, and the experimental.


The MashUp Grant seeks to support artists and creations that do not fit neatly into pre-existing groups, classes, and departments on campus. It is designed to encourage collaboration and experimentation, and to support projects that give audiences new insight into the possibility of art.

This grant is administered by the Office of the Vice President for the Arts.

Grant Details

Explore the projects that have been percolating in the back of your mind. Team up with another student group or individual students who work in a medium other than your own. Work with your friends, work with people you admire, work with someone you just met; the field is wide open.

The MashUp Grant is open to Stanford undergraduate and graduate students/student groups from any discipline, as long as each team is comprised of two or more students/student groups working in different genres. Student teams will be granted funding up to $600, and teams will have four weeks to complete their projects before the final showcase in late May.

Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • The Auerglass, an instrument created out of a collaboration between artist and Stanford alum Tauba Auerbach and musician Glasser.
  • Bill T Jones' Story/Time, a performance in which the legendary choreographer reads a series of one-minute short stories he wrote, accompanied by Ted Coffey's score and Jones' company of dancers.
  • Mark Applebaum’s Concerto for Florist and Ensemble, a performance during which a floral artist arranged flowers and other objects live on stage in response to music composed by Applebaum.
  • Past projects have included a mashup of machines and painting; fashion and performance; and fiction and visual art.
  • Teams who competed in the 72-Hour Musical Project are eligible!


Miranda Shepherd
Arts in Student Life Coordinator
Office of the Vice President for the Arts

Grant Timeline

Applications are due April 13.

Teams will have about four weeks to complete their projects before the final showcase, possibly on May 26.

Additional Information

The final showcase will take place as part of a larger campus arts celebration, the Arts District Picnic, at the Cantor and the Anderson.

Both the Cantor and the Anderson welcome performances in their galleries (especially site-specific work). If you are working on a full length show, you may preform a section of your total work.

There is the possibility of presenting audio/video projects in the Cantor auditorium.

Some work may be displayed outside.

This grant does not fund equipment purchase, travel expenses, or work that is already completed.

The MashUp Grant is awarded as a stipend. Stipend funds are subject to U.S. and state income tax laws and that the payment of the stipend may be tax reportable. Students are responsible for reporting stipend payments to the proper taxing authorities, as well as liable for any tax payments that may be due. More information for U.S. Citizen and Resident Alien Students and Non-Resident Alien Students